About 4SideSport

4SideSport is a specialized web-based platform in which sports clients can reserve or book sports complexes and find sports partners and competitors for their physical activities.



In this platform, clients can check the rankings of sports complexes and read about other users’ reviews to have better decisions, and figure out the best price and available schedules to book a time for their sports.

4SideSport also helps personal trainers to provide their backgrounds and fields and get connected with the sports clients.

The artificial intelligence used in this platform would analyze sports client preferences and their locations to assign them to sports competitions or events.

This platform has been created and tested by 4SideSport Group in Iran since 2016 via https://asansports.com/. This company is one of the first Iranian start-up sports businesses and started its activities to introduce sports services through the online platform. Having attracted more than 1,000 sports complexes in different sports complex in Iran, 4SideSport achieved reserving 1,550,000 hours for the various sports complex and has provided services to more than 25K sports clients during the past year in Iran. Recently, 4SideSport Group has decided to expand their activity to Canada which is considered a great market for them, based on their market studies which are accessible in this document.

The benefits of the 4SideSport Platform are not only assigned to the sports clients but the sports complexes, especially for the ones with smaller sizes. Due to Covid and its worldwide problems, sports field and health club holders have lost roughly 90 percent of their clients during the first few months of 2020, and sports complex managers could not recover this number to less than 50 percent even during 2021. To keep trying for this recovery, sports complexes should pay high marketing costs, which had been already high in this business before all these problems. However, using the 4SideSport platform, sports complexes can introduce themselves without any need for paying a huge amount of marketing costs, leading to getting them back to the pre-pandemic levels of sales and client numbers. In addition, by finding the sports mates and competitors, 4SideSport will increase the average physical activities, since people do more sports when they are in groups.


Our happy team!

Seyed Hassan Jalali


Chief Executive Officer

Ali Tohidi


Investor, and Financial advisor

Ali Zahiri


Sales and Marketing Manager

Seyed Mohammad Rastgoo


IT manager of 4SideSport