For starting the business in Canada, 4SideSport will leverage the experience of its co-founders. 

The co-founders of 4SideSport are Mr. Seyed Hassan Jalali who will hold the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Ali Tohidi who is going to be co-founder, investor, and financial advisor of the project, Mr. Ali Zahiri who will be Co-Founder and Sales and Marketing Manager, and lastly, Mr. Seyed Mohammad Rastgoo who is going to be Co-Founder and IT manager of 4SideSport.


We believe that 4Side Sports will play a vital role in relaxing the concerns of athletes/sports clients and sports complex managers in several ways. First, sports venue managers will not be concerned about their reservations, discount plans, accounting, and staff panels, which all are willing to be automatically done on this platform. Also, they will easily get access to the cameras of the venues and control the interior equipment such as lights and locking doors, which brings high safety to both the venues and managers. Second, sports clients will not concern about having teammates or a sports complex to play in. They just need to want to have a physical activity and the other steps such as finding a place to play and the sports partners to accompany/compete can be done automatically in the 4Side Sports platform. Third, personal trainers will not concern about finding clients. As long as they have built their platform in 4Side Sports, and as long as 4Side Sports has enough clients, they can easily get in touch with their potential clients without paying huge money as their marketing cost to introduce themselves.



4Side Sport’s vision is to become the top three sports business platforms in Canada within five years of starting its operation. Based on our action plan, we believe that the main objectives for the first years of operation are as follows:

  • Having a well-known platform with the purpose of solving both sports clients’ concerns (such as reservation, registration, and finding sports mates) and sports complexes at the same time.
  • an Increasing number of sports clients by 25% per year, and the number of sports complexes by 30% per year.
  • Reaching 5% of the total number of personal trainers in Canada and having them on our platform for those sports clients who want to be matched with them.
  • An Increasing number of sports competitions/events by 10% per year.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction to 90%.

Starting profitability from the second year.

Competitive Advantages

Investigating the competitors of 4Side Sports shows that most of them have put just several sports business segments as their target market. For example, Go Sports just has five sports for reserving and having played there, or Sports Hall just works on school games.